Samstag, 27. Oktober 2012

Blue Beat Bikes - Pt. 2

This time we're having a look at both the live equipment and preferred means of transportation of a dedicated bassplayer in the genre we all love so much. Guido mostly plays an Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay bass guitar since he bought it in 1989. All studio recordings were done with the StingRay except for "Skanimali" (Back to Skatalonia / Pork Pie / 2004) which was played by Tschinge on a double bass. On the great Australian Tour in 2001 he bought a handcrafted Sonet bass guitar which he uses at rehearsals. The amp is some 1980s Peavey top and cabinet with 2x15" Electro-Voice loudspeakers. By the way, would you guess that Guido actually is one of the two remaining pioneer members of Bluekilla. Probably he is even the one who gave the band its name. I'm saying probably because no one could ever remember for sure. Guido played bass on 98% of all studio recordings and missed only 4 or 5 out of approx. 500-550 gigs, which makes it a total appearance quota of 99,7%. Only Fiebig, our drummer can beat him with a quota of 1 single gig missed, but Fiebig doesn't ride bikes. He passed his driving license test ages ago and later on never drove a car and always used public transport, so Fiebig will get no more attention in this series. Let's turn back to Guido:

Guido from Bluekilla - live @ Muffathalle, Munich

Well, Guido's passion for 2-Tone is as deep as his enthusiasm for the two-wheelers. His Ska/Rocksteady/Reggae vinyl collection is enormous and, I must admit sadly, beats my pants off. His bike pool is twice as big as mine, consisting of a Cyclocross-Bike and a MTB. The KTM touring bike doesn't count. Since it was hit by a car the KTM is out of use.

Now here we see the Cannondale CAADX, a bike for fast riding and extended cruising range. Guido has owned it since 2012. The former owner was Cpt. Soulas,  Bluekilla's lead vocalist from the years 1989 - 1992. A detailed description of Cpt. Soulas' bike fleet will be presented within this series of Blue Beat Bikes.

Cannondale CAADX

Gossamer Crankset

Cannondale Stem & Handlebar

Cross Tires for expanded road access

Now here we see something special: A bavarian built Heavy Tools MTB with the laconic stem, exclusively developed by HT for the HT bikes. This bike never brakes.

Heavy Tools MTB Stem

Heavy Tools

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