Donnerstag, 27. März 2014

Ska Bike Videos - Part 11: Radici Nel Cemento - La Bicicletta

So chill, this nice reggae style song from this italian band. They have been active since 1993 and are based in Rome, the most unbelievable city in this galaxy. Starting as "Roots in Concrete" the band decided in 1995 to change the name to the italian "Radici nel cemento" which is just the exact translation of the english name. In 1996 the group releases the first self titled album on the famous italian label "Gridalo Forte Records" (Shout it out loud) and promotes the record on a first tour through the country and some gigs in other european countries. In 1997 they start a brief collaboration with Charlie Anderson from the Selecter playing two gigs together in Rome.
In 1998 they play gigs as the backing band of the "padrino del SKA", the godfather of SKA laurel Aitken and they release a second album "Popoli in vendita" (Peoples Sellout) with the single "Guns of Brixton" the famous Clash original.
Next album "Alla rovescia" (Upside Down) appears in 2001, spiced with collaborations (Roy Paci)  and followed by extended tours, also as a backing band of Alton Ellis.
2004 brings "Occhio!" (Eye), 2006 "Ancora non è finita" (It's not finished yet) and 2008 "Paese di Pulcinella" (Land of Pulcinella), all of them released on V2 Records.
Their most recent album "Sette" (Seven) appeared in 2013. The Band still going strong in Italy's Reggae and Ska Scene. Viva lo SKA!

La Bicicletta - Starts at 00:35

Sette - the most recent release by "Radici nel Cemento" (sorry, no downloads just info)

Tracklist 7
01. Movimento Lento
02. Romareggaeroots
03. Libera
04. Quello che io cerco
05. Se voi cambià
06. Soleluna
07. Nina
08. La guerra di Tore (Burning Fire)
09. L’acqua
10. Piazza Giuliani
11. Ya Basta! – Tierra Y Libertad
12. Tuta e pigiama
13. La skampagnata
14. Stand by

Samstag, 15. Februar 2014

Dr. Deadlock feat. Prince Flo & Lady Pet

There is a new release by myself and my friends Prince Flo and Lady Pet on my very own Blue Esquire Records label. DIY since ever, please enjoy and spread the word.

Ever thought you might need another version of these SKA classics? Hear "Gangsters" like you've never heard it before. Choose "Rivers of Babylon" for your next christmas party, scream to "Long Shot" and play "Donna" while havin' an amorous téte-à-téte with your baby.

Download only unless I can afford a physical format, preferably a 7". For now you can purchase at download stores or simply listen to at streaming services.

Skacoustic Sessions, Vol.1 - at iTunes Store
Skacoustic Sessions, Vol.1 - at Amazon

Follow the link to listen to the Spotify album:
Dr. Deadlock feat. Prince Flo & Lady Pet – Skacoustic Sessions, Vol. 1

6 monster SKA tunes, 3 singers and 2 guitars

Shanty Town
Rivers of Babylon
Long Shot (Kick de Bucket)

Listen to Long Shot on YouTube:

Leave a comment if you like

Freitag, 26. Juli 2013

Ska Bike Videos - Pt 10: Captain Bringdown and the Buzzkillers

Captain Bringdown and the Buzzkillers - For the Kids

Ever heard about a band called "Captain Bringdown and the Buzzkillers"? Sounds funny and is worth a listen. The guys who made this DIY video of a bike tour have a sense for cool Punk SKA! The video itself is not worth mentioning but bicycles brought me to this band, I'd never have known otherwise.

Dienstag, 28. Mai 2013

Ska Bike Videos - Pt. 9: Bicycle Seat

The Original by Jango Edwards: Live Would Be Oh So Sweet, If I Was a Bicycle Seat.

Jango introduced himself as Larie Languina, when he performed this Song in Italy. Never heard this song before, so I was happy to come across this little Caribbean jewel. Wish I was a bicycle seat too.

The Cover Version by Max Splodge & Splodgenessabounds: Bicycle Seat

Not a bad version with nasty vocals and odd steel drums. Punk, Oi! and Ska fans may prefer this one.

Comment by Jango Edwards on YouTube:
Just for the record this single released by Max Splodge lists author unknown but is an exact copy taken from my 1st album "Jango Edwards and the Friends Roadshow-Live in the Melkweg" and the song I composed "Life Would be oh so Sweet if I was a Bicycle Seat." Since 1976 I've recorded and released 5 variation of my song on my 1st Square Records single, a 2nd single for Ariola and the albums "Clown Power" and "Jango Edwards and the Little Big Nose Banned-Live in Europe."