Samstag, 15. Februar 2014

Dr. Deadlock feat. Prince Flo & Lady Pet

There is a new release by myself and my friends Prince Flo and Lady Pet on my very own Blue Esquire Records label. DIY since ever, please enjoy and spread the word.

Ever thought you might need another version of these SKA classics? Hear "Gangsters" like you've never heard it before. Choose "Rivers of Babylon" for your next christmas party, scream to "Long Shot" and play "Donna" while havin' an amorous téte-à-téte with your baby.

Download only unless I can afford a physical format, preferably a 7". For now you can purchase at download stores or simply listen to at streaming services.

Skacoustic Sessions, Vol.1 - at iTunes Store
Skacoustic Sessions, Vol.1 - at Amazon

Follow the link to listen to the Spotify album:
Dr. Deadlock feat. Prince Flo & Lady Pet – Skacoustic Sessions, Vol. 1

6 monster SKA tunes, 3 singers and 2 guitars

Shanty Town
Rivers of Babylon
Long Shot (Kick de Bucket)

Listen to Long Shot on YouTube:

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