Montag, 26. November 2012

Western Standard Time - A Big Band Tribute to the Skatalites

"West Coast All-Star Ska Big Band paying tribute to early 1960's Jamaican Ska originators, The Skatalites. Pooling from the best-of-the-best Ska musicians from the last 20 years, Western Standard Time is a groundbreaking project commemorating 50 years of musical heritage. With the shear size of the group, the power and harmonic depth will be revolutionary but at the same time the music and feel will be grounded in its original roots."

Not sure why I missed this in the past few months and I'm also surprised about the few clicks, WST are recieving for their videos. May the CD sales be more successfull. I wish they'd come to Germany one day but Big Bands rarely go on tour so I'm enjoying the videos instead. China Clipper is my favourite, which is indeed a brilliant interpretation with refined arragement, inspired performance, outstanding trumpet and saxophone solo, and a riddim you can't avoid to let it catch you. The crowd at the show is witness, their dancing is testimony and their enthusiasm evidence for the liveliness of SKA.

Coconut Rock

Wasting My Time On You - feat. Gina Saputo

China Clipper Live (official video)

Samstag, 17. November 2012

Punk Bike Video - Brat Farrar - It's On Me

Great punk song in Wipers style by Brat Farrar from Melbourne, featuring apes, bikes and crashes. No blood though. The ape masks are so cool and some say one of them looks like Tom Waits.

Brat Farrar - It's On Me

SKA Cruisers - Vol. 3

Biketones. It’s Madness in the streets!

Corner of 9th and Harrison, somewhere in America, discovered at the Idle Bicycles blog

Sonntag, 4. November 2012

Ska Bike Videos - Pt. 2: Son of Blob

Son of Blob was a dutch Ska band active in the 1990s. They wrote this song called "Rode Fiets" (Red Bicycles) and made a video of this song in 1998. There's not much more to find about them, but the song is quite catchy. There's one or two other songs around in the web and maybe there's some releases worth buying. Check it out.