Dienstag, 28. Mai 2013

Ska Bike Videos - Pt. 9: Bicycle Seat

The Original by Jango Edwards: Live Would Be Oh So Sweet, If I Was a Bicycle Seat.

Jango introduced himself as Larie Languina, when he performed this Song in Italy. Never heard this song before, so I was happy to come across this little Caribbean jewel. Wish I was a bicycle seat too.

The Cover Version by Max Splodge & Splodgenessabounds: Bicycle Seat

Not a bad version with nasty vocals and odd steel drums. Punk, Oi! and Ska fans may prefer this one.

Comment by Jango Edwards on YouTube:
Just for the record this single released by Max Splodge lists author unknown but is an exact copy taken from my 1st album "Jango Edwards and the Friends Roadshow-Live in the Melkweg" and the song I composed "Life Would be oh so Sweet if I was a Bicycle Seat." Since 1976 I've recorded and released 5 variation of my song on my 1st Square Records single, a 2nd single for Ariola and the albums "Clown Power" and "Jango Edwards and the Little Big Nose Banned-Live in Europe."