Dienstag, 18. September 2012

Blue Beat Bikes - Pt. 1

Hannes2 from Bluekilla at Marienplatz 2012

First bike in my series of SKA Bikes will be Hannes2's fantastic "Fausto Coppi" road racer. This bike was built in the 70s in Italy. Every conscious biker knows who Fausto Coppi was: "Il Campionissimo", thee legendary Italian ciclist who won the Giro five times and the Tour de France twice after WWII. He died in January 1960, aged 40, and several mythical theories about his death circled around since then, varying from malaria or bronchial complaint to cocaine overdose and poisoning, all after an invitation to Burkina Faso for cycling and hunting in December 1959.
The saddle and handlebar are the only parts that aren't original but Hannes2 said he got the handlebar somewhere and will replace the modern one with the original. The saddle will stay as it's fitting better to his butt. Hannes is one of those Skasters who never takes a car to rehearsals. Good attitude, strong stamina. Well, the bike is a bit worn out and the chain shows some rusty spots. I think he could wash the whole thing a lot more often and add a little Balistol from time to time but nonetheless I'm tuely jealous about his bike. A real beautiy in blue metallic and all the mechanics work perfectly. Those Campagnolo parts really were top notch at that time and nearly indestructible until today.

Hannes2 is playing solo guitar with Bluekilla since 2003 and first appears on a Bluekilla recording in 2009, when we contributed the Song "Where Would We Go" to "The Spirit of SKA - 20 Years Jubilee Edition" of our former label Pork Pie. The same song appeared on the next long player "Never Was a Ska Band" with a different title, 51 years after Fausto Coppi's death. He's playing a blue Fender Stratocaster and a completely worn out Kitty Hawk Combo, a Roland WahWah and a Roland overdrive.

Fausto Coppi

Down tube with the signature

Chain rings with cut signature

Fausto Coppi (bit fuzzy)

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