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Reggae Bike Song: Early B - Wheely Wheely

Early B aka The Doctor (real name Earlando Arrington Neil) was a Jamaican dancehall and reggae artist who, amongst other songs, became famous with the single Wheely Wheely (1984, 56 Hope Road), a hymn about bicycle riding in Jamaica. Early B got his satge name from the nick name Early Bird, which he earned by coming always early to his shows. Unfortunately he also died early, when he was shot in Massachusetts on 9/11 1994 in a Windsor Crickett Club in Dorchester. Neither his killers were ever found nor the reason for his killing was revealed.
Four Wheel No Real (1984, Midnight Rock) was the title of his first LP (though facts differ very much on dates in several sources) and already indicated his love for the two-wheeler, while with his second LP Wheely Wheely (1985, Sunset) he carried on with the promotion for bicycles and the coolness of the one-wheel-ride, that makes the girls dem cry out loud.

Early B - Wheely Wheely

This one dedicated to all the youth who ride bicycle
I admire all the youth dem ride one wheel
One wheel wheel him mek we wheely one wheel
Say this is not a bargain, say this is not a deal
Say this is like huff in a delicious meal
I jus love all de youth dem a ride one wheel
It look like a movie but we know it is real
Some say like dem a gwan like dem a mek outta steel
Around de microphone dis is de doctor Early B

Early B - Bicycle Bicycle

Before Early B released the Wheely Wheely hit song another song called Bicycle Bicycle appeared first on the Techniques label in 1983 and later on the Rosie Uprising label in 1984.

Early B - Four Wheel No Real

This is the title Song of the Four Wheel No Real (1984, Midnight Rock) LP. There was probably no other Jamaican reggae artist who dedicated his lyrics as radically to the two-wheeler as Early B did. We should remember him for this and listen to his nice and decent dancehall styles again and again.

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