Sonntag, 3. Februar 2013

Ska Bike Videos - Pt. 5: Andy Gale & The Ska Machine

Original info text of the YouTube video:

"Sometimes cycling can be the only way to get from A to B in Birmingham. This gridlock was caused by an accident in the Hagley Road and the traffic was still going nowhere when a friend of mine drove through an hour later.
The music is performed by Andy Gayle and a band he was playing with at the time called "Ska Machine". The tune is Road Block by Tommy McCook. For more on Andy's music go to 

I was really enjoying this video for the excellent music selection and the hillarious idea of filming a gridlock caused by a single accident with a helmet camera on a bicycle. I can't stop watching it and keep on hitting replay. Road Block by Tommy McCook must have been written just for this sequence. I also never heard about the performing band Andy Gale & The Ska Machine, which made me poke around a bit to find out more. Well and I found out that I missed something important but it's never too late to learn and become less dumb. Andy Gale is a british saxophone player who toured with the Specials, the Special Beat, The Skatalites, Jazz Jamaica and different reggae groups amongst them Ziggy Marley.

The McCook song was released in 1996 on a self titled 4-track EP by the SKA MACHINE

1. You Can't be Serious (Ska Machine)

2. Joe 90 (TV Theme)

3. Pretty Women

4. Road Block (Tommy McCook) (mp3 sample)

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